Thinking about a baby moon?

Here are some tips for travelling when pregnant.

Travel within Australia by bus, car, train, or boat is usually not a problem as long as you are comfortable. When travelling long distances or overseas, it is wise to consult with Dr Bishop, especially if your pregnancy is considered high-risk. If you are planning to fly after week 28 of your pregnancy, your airline may ask for a letter from your doctor confirming your due date, and that you are not at risk of complications.

When traveling it is always important to have your white antenatal card with you. Keep your antenatal card in your hand luggage, in case of lost luggage. Your antenatal card provides the most up to date information on your pregnancy, as well as Dr Bishop and John Flynn Hospital’s contact information if required.

Restricted spaces and decreased mobility that come from travelling in aeroplanes, cars and buses, can mean that pregnant women are at an increased risk of developing Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).  We recommend that if you plan to be in these conditions for longer than three hours, that you wear compression stockings. Additionally, going for short walks and doing regular recommended foot/leg exercises are also a good idea.

When travelling it is important to keep well hydrated. Always have a bottle of water handy. Not only will it help with the dehydration caused by aeroplane air-conditioning, but also it will help combat any nausea or indigestion from sitting/sleeping in an upright position. Furthermore, the increase water will require you to go to the bathroom more often and prompt short walks for circulation!

If travelling to foreign countries it is important to have travel insurance and consult the Australian Governments smart traveller webpage . The smart traveller webpage will give advice on any immunisations that maybe required and other helpful information on overseas travel.

Some tips for a lovely holiday

-Be mindful of the food and drinks you consume in exotic countries. Always remember to drink bottled water (including brushing your teeth with bottled water) and be mindful that drinks are not served with ice cubes made from tap water either.

– Eat fruit and vegetables that can be pealed and washed with bottled water.

– No heavy lifting! Remember that heavy suitcases are not only a luggage overcharge but can cause some serious strain on your pregnant body. Always opt for luggage on wheels or use trolleys or porters.

– Always wear sunscreen, bug repellent and a hat. Heat stroke will not only affect you but your baby as well.

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