The first few weeks of parenthood are always the hardest. It is common for your baby to be the first you have ever held, let alone totally cared for. The whole idea can be quite daunting and scary and parenting and  breastfeeding can seem so hard. We want to support you. If you are having trouble, please don’t wait – seeking help early is key.

Our Glow Mother and Baby Clinic is targeted towards mothers and babies from 0-6 weeks old. We offer education and support to empower new parents and encourage them to trust in their instinctual parenting instincts.  

We offer support, education and advice on:

  • Breast feeding assistance and management
  • Sleep and settling strategies
  • All aspects of infant nutrition
  • Infant growth and development assessment
  • Postnatal checks for mother
  • ‘Fussy’ babies
  • Twins and Prems

Ideally if you require infant feeding advice and support, your baby will be ready for a feed shortly after arriving.

This complementary service is available every Tuesday afternoon in our consulting rooms.