Tummy time

To reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) it is recommended that babies sleep on their back. Because of this your baby ends up spending long periods of the day lying flat. Tummy time will allow your baby […]

Travelling with babies & toddlers

Travelling internationally, interstate or even just a few hours away can sometimes be a challenging and tiring experience. Throw babies and children into the mix and there’s even more to think about! The best thing that you can do is to […]

Hand washing – why is it important

A number of infectious diseases can be spread from person to person by contaminated hands. Regular handwashing is the best way to keep yourself healthy and prevent the spread of illness in your family and community. A good vigorous 30 […]

Fourth Trimester

What is the Fourth Trimester? You may not have heard of the fourth trimester but basically this is the idea that the first 3 months of life are very much an extension of life in the womb. Your baby’s fourth […]

Development for Newborn

For newborns, motor skills, brain power and emotional attachment are all tied together—and frequent loving interactions with Mum and Dad are the key to continued growth. Some of the essential elements of parent-baby interaction that aid attachment and stimulate your […]

Babies and children in hot weather

Babies and children need to be watched carefully during hot weather, because they are at a higher risk of becoming unwell compared to adults. Things to remember Babies and children overheat and dehydrate quickly in hot weather Breastfeed or bottle-feed […]